PA, Lighting, Stage and Theatre Installations

We specialise in installing lighting, sound and staging equipment to offer a permanent solution for you whether this is for a village or school hall, or a full theatre equipment replacement.


We are equally happy to work with you whether you require a simple augmentation of your existing lighting, sound and staging equipment, an upgrade of outdated equipment, or a full system installation.

Radio Mic Supply

Many organisations will still be using radio mics on illegal frequencies. We offer clear advice on the issue and can hire or supply modern radio mics.



Did you know...

In 2012 the UK Government sold off UHF radio mic frequency bands to bring the UK in line with the rest of Europe, and to allow mobile phone operators to increase their ability to supply smart phone services. The sell off included the frequencies of Channel 69 and therefore the majority of radio mics purchased before 1st October 2012 have become illegal to use. Radio mic users are now required to use Channel 38 frequencies.

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